Powers of Curriculum: Sociological Perspectives on Education by Brad Gobby, Rebecca Walker

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  • Powers of Curriculum: Sociological Perspectives on Education
  • Brad Gobby, Rebecca Walker
  • Page: 544
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  • ISBN: 9780190303709
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Free download books in pdf format Powers of Curriculum: Sociological Perspectives on Education English version

Powers of Curriculum: Sociological Perspectives on Education by Brad Gobby Curriculum is powerful because it shapes what children and young people experience in educational settings. Educators are central to this as more often than not they have the most direct influence on learners' curriculum experiences. Powers of Curriculum explores the many issues surrounding curriculum in order to equip future educators with ideas, concepts and perspectives that can make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people in the early childhood, primary and secondary phases of education. The book explores a diverse range of topics related to curriculum, the experiences of learners, and how these experiences are shaped by powers within and beyond the field of education. The text is organised into three sections: Understanding Curriculum; Unpacking Curriculum Issues; and Using and Enacting Curriculum. The first section introduces the notion of curriculum and its conceptualisation. The second section introduces a range of socio-cultural issues from a sociological perspective. The final section considers the practical dimension to learning about curriculum. The authors of the chapters encourage readers to reflect on their opinions and experiences, and to explore the concepts and ideas used in the chapters to open education up to new thoughts and practices.

Theoretical Perspectives on Education · Sociology
While it is clear that education plays an integral role in individuals' lives as well as society as a whole, sociologists view that role from many diverse points of view. Functionalists believe that education equips people to perform different functional roles in society. Conflict theorists view education as a means of widening the  Brad Gobby and Rebecca Walker discuss Powers of Curriculum
It broadens our conception of curriculum to include the lived experiences of learners in educational settings. Dr Brad Gobby and Dr Rebecca Walker are co -editors of Powers of Curriculum: Sociological Perspectives on Education and lecturers in the School of Education at Curtin University. Social Perspectives in Lesbian and Gay Studies: A Reader - Google Books Result
Peter M. Nardi, Beth E. Schneider - ‎2013 - Social Science Multicultural education - Wikipedia
It was in their hopes that “their lives and histories be included in the curriculum of schools, colleges, and universities…multicultural educators sought to transform the Euro-centric perspective and incorporate multiple perspectives into thecurriculum”. After 36 years, the Bilingual Education Act was dissolved and in 2002 the  RELATION BETWEEN EDUCATION AND SOCIETY: PERSPECTIVE
Conflict theory sees the purpose of education as maintaining social inequality and preserving the power of those who dominate society. By throwing open opportunities for achieving upward mobility through education to the advantaged sections education indulges in a kind of 'sorting'. They also refer to a 'hiddencurriculum'  Handbook of Physical Education - Google Books Result
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Synopsis: Sociologists perceive education as a social institution that shares an interdependent relationship with social stratification, social identities and socialization, cultural reproduction, hidden curriculum and informal Examine the workings of power through education and how we might use power to improve equity. Sociology in music education
many issues with which educators within North America can identify. Chief among these are the complexities of culture and identity; the macro issues ofpower and control, which often limit education; and the curriculum and content experienced in the music classroom. Ruth Wright describes sociological theory as providing  Powers of Curriculum ebook - Oxford University Press
Sociological Perspectives on Education Powers of Curriculum exploreseducation in Australia today through the notion and practices of curriculum. to the enactment and experiences of curriculum, the authors aim to equip readers with critical and post-structuralist ideas, concepts and perspectives that  Course Descriptions Graduate Programs, Faculty of Education 6100
The course focuses on creativity, learning theory and practices through the arts across the curriculum. Using a seminar format This course examines socio- cultural perspectives on literacy and language education. Drawing curriculum, pedagogy, through an analysis of culture and power and a focus on social justice , to. 16.4 Issues and Problems in Education | Sociology: Understanding
The education system today faces many issues and problems of interest not just to educators and families but also to sociologists and other social scientists. Kozol left this school after being fired for departing from the prescribed curriculum by teaching poems by Robert Frost and Langston Hughes to his fourth graders. Pedagogy & Curriculum - Social Theory Applied
Dear all, For those of who who conduct research in teacher education, please see attached file below for a call for contributions on the use of social theory in teacher By Anna Danielsson and Heather Mendick How can we explore howpower operates in classrooms, looking at the power teachers hold through their social  Research and Theory Behind the Sociology of Education - ThoughtCo
The sociology of education is a subfield of research and theory in which common assumptions about education and progress are critically interrogated By operating in this fashion, the educational institution is involved in the work of reproducing power, domination, oppression, and inequality within society  Understanding Education: A Sociological Perspective - Google Books Result
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